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Step away from the stovetop

The Wolfgang Puck Electric Combination Skillet, Roaster, and Fryer offers the convenience of the stovetop in a countertop appliance.

The convenience of the stovetop on the other side of the kitchen. JCPenney

Cooking no longer has to solely involve the stovetop. In fact, it is completely possible to survive by exclusively using the microwave oven. (Please don't try this at home every day.) Luckily, there are plenty of other quality appliances vying for your attention, so meal management can expand to all areas of the kitchen--namely, the countertop.

The Wolfgang Puck Electric Combination Skillet, Roaster, and Fryer marries the familiarity of a small countertop appliance with the versatility of the stovetop. Perfect as an alternative to using the stove, the appliance is convenient for everything from cooking meals for a large gathering to simply using it as an easy-to-manage one-meal maker. With a multitude of highlights that include dishwasher-safe parts, a pouring lip for liquids and even an included baking rack, the versatile machine uses size and space to an advantage.

Featuring a removable nonstick pan, the 13-inch by 16-inch skillet/roaster/fryer is easy and convenient to use for a variety of meals. Complete with a high-domed lid with an adjustable steam-release control, the electric appliance features temperature control from a "keep warm" setting on up to 425 degrees. With the capability to cook a wide range of meals, from a tall roast to flat pancakes, the countertop appliance extends the capability of the kitchen without sacrificing quality home cooking.