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Star Wars Uncut is fantastic fan-made fun

A remake of Star Wars Episode IV sees fans recreating the sci-fi classic, taking 15 seconds each.

Star Wars Uncut, the crowdsourced remake of Star Wars Episode IV -- A New Hope that sees the sci-fi classic sliced into dozens of 15-second fan-made scenes, is complete at last.

The ambitious project saw Lucas' saber-swinging 1977 original sliced into 15-second clips. Fans at home could then lay claim to a segment and remake it themselves. Eventually the hundreds of clips were sewn back together into one brilliant tribute.

The project was created by one Casey Pugh (take a look at his website, which boasts an extremely distracting left margin), who has at last completed his Director's Cut. We've embedded the two-hour epic below, and we strongly recommend you give it a watch.

You'll bear witness to cardboard Star Destroyers, 8-bit graphics, plastic Stormtroopers on miniature skateboards and a healthy smattering of nerdy Internet in-jokes. And that's just the first six minutes.

Impressively, the project even has the nod from Lucasfilm, which Pugh said flew him to their headquarters in San Francisco to talk it over. According to our sister site CNET, the famous production company was concerned about branding problems if a fan-made scene featured commercial logos, and as such Star Wars Uncut is ad-free and not for profit.

Extremely creative, and shot-through with a clear love for the original movie, Star Wars Uncut is fun for anyone who knows how many 'y's there are in the name of Chewbacca's home planet.

Which is your favourite 15-second slice? The impromptu 'Kessel Run' sing-song at the 47-minute mark is a stand-out for us. Did Han shoot first? Tell us in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.