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Turn your desk at home into a standing desk for $80

This adjustable monitor and keyboard riser lets you bring the best of your office's work environment home to your self-quarantine.

Daily Steals

Ordinary desks have gotten a bad reputation in recent years, with some experts concerned that sitting for long periods of time can be a risk to your health. If you considered the pros and cons of using a standing desk and switched to a standing desk at work, you might miss working upright now that you're at home, participating in coronavirus-related shelter-at-home policies. Well, I have a sliver of good news for you: It's pretty inexpensive to convert whatever desk or table you're using to work from home into a makeshift standing desk. Right now, you can get a standing desk converter from Daily Steals for $80 when you apply coupon code CNETSDESK at checkout. That's 20% off the current $100 price tag.

Earlier this week, I told you about a similar deal, but unfortunately, it sold out quickly. This is a similar model, but priced a few dollars lower. 

This standing desk converter is a workstation that works both in a seated position and can be raised about 13 inches to a standing height. Raising and lowering the stand is a one-person job -- just lift or lower the unit until it's positioned where you want it, then press a paddle on the side to lock it in place. The workstation has two "decks" -- a lower one for the mouse and keyboard, and an upper deck that's spacious enough for a laptop or even a laptop and a second monitor.

We tend to think of working from home as a more comfortable environment than the buttoned-up, professional corporate office space, but that's not always the case. If you're missing some of the benefits you took for granted -- like your standing desk -- here's a chance to get it at home. Who knows? Maybe your boss will let you expense it. 

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