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Special Feature: Bluff it as a fashion photographer

You've got a new digital camera and you're eager to make a name for yourself in the ruthless world of fashion. Here's your essential guide to using your camera to shoot great fashion photos...

Besides the shallowness and prodigious drug consumption, have you ever wondered what it takes to shoot photographs that could be used on the cover of Cosmo or GQ? Our brand-new feature Bluff it as a fashion photographer has the inside knowledge.

We show you exactly how we created the cover shot you see on Fashion Magazine in the photograph here, and how you can too. 

You'll learn how to use a light meter to get perfect exposures every time. We explain how to direct a model, and how to turn a good photograph into an exceptional one using the latest post-production tools like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Apple Aperture.

Whether you're interested in a career in fashion photography, or just want to take impressive portraits of your friends, this is your essential guide to the latest techniques that photographers are using to get their work noticed.

Clasp onto our beautifully manicured hand, put on your best Hollywood smile and let us lead you into the inner sanctum of the world's most glamourous occupation. Read the feature here. - CS