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Speaking of TechTool...what about its desktop rebuild problems?

Speaking of TechTool...what about its desktop rebuild problems?

Last month, we reported on several problems with rebuilding the desktop using TechTool 1.1.5. Harold Roeth had some of these same problems, especially the loss of custom icons. A standard rebuild (sans TechTool) fixes the glitches. He wrote to MicroMat about this and they replied as follows:

"We've had about 5 others experience the exact same thing. The other 80,000 people who downloaded 1.1.5 have not experienced this or just haven't bothered to contact us if they have. We suspect this is a bug in the new system for which we are acting as a catalyst. Nothing has changed in our desktop routine (other than requiring a restart with Mac OS 8) and Apple claims nothing has changed to warrant our altering the desktop delete routine. Our programmer is diligently looking into this issue, but it is difficult without being able to replicate the problem. We suspect the problem will vanish with the pending release of Mac OS 8.1 and we're trying to get an early release to verify this. In the meantime, don't use the desktop routine in TechTool. The rest of the program should present no problems."