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Small scale weighs big

The Escali Granada Digital Scale takes up little more room than a standard home kitchen scale. Rated to measure up to 220 pounds, the scale can be used to work in large quantities.

Heavy goods, no problem.
Heavy goods, no problem.

Kitchens are filled with appliances and gadgets often designed to do very specific tasks. Whether you want to weigh, measure, chop, store, dice, mince, or grind, chances are there is an appliance for that. But sometimes just because something is designed to do what you need it to do, it doesn't necessarily mean it can do what you need it to do. How does this seemingly paradoxical statement measure up when held up to the cool stainless steel gleam of the kitchen? Easy. When working in quantity, everything looks different.

Home kitchen gear isn't usually tailored for large applications, but sometimes when working in quantity you need it to be. When it comes to kitchen scales, weighing in batches is certainly one option, or one could just use a scale designed to handle it. The Escali Granada Digital Scale is an industrial-strength scale, that doesn't come in an industrial-size package.

Surprisingly compact, the scale fits into a footprint smaller than a square-foot (with only a height of 1.25 inches). When it comes to measuring ingredients, the heavy-duty scale has a load capacity of 220 pounds and accurately measures down to 2-ounce increments with the minimum weight readout being 6 ounces. Complete with a wired remote display, the scale makes it easy to see what heavy ingredients weigh without having to contort yourself to see the readout. However, actually getting them on the platform is another matter.