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Slice and spread with Spachello

This 2-in-1 tool is the only utensil you need to make your sandwich.

If you enjoy washing dishes, then you're invited to come wash mine anytime. I don't like doing the dishes any more than I like mopping the kitchen floor, so I'm happy to find ways to cut down on the dirty job.

With a name like Spachello, it has to be cool. Amazon

The Spachello all-in-one slicer and spreader is a sweet tool you can use for multiple tasks, leaving you with just one utensil to clean afterward. Use the serrated blade to slice up your bagel, tomato, cheese, and the rest of your sliceable sandwich goods.

Then dip the silicone spatula side in the mayo jar and spread the good stuff on your sandwich. (The Spachello is 10.5 inches--long enough to reach all the way to the bottom of the jar and scrape out every last bit.)

And don't be afraid to use the spatula to scoop out stickier fare, like peanut butter. The holes in the blade prevent your spreads from sticking to the knife.

You can preorder the Spachello in black, green, or orange at Amazon for $25--it'll be available at the end of the summer.