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Slice and scoop

Transporting chopped vegetables is as easy as scooping them up with the PrepTaxi Measuring Scoops.

The PrepTaxi Measuring Scoop Sur la Table
Between chopping, measuring, and moving, preparing ingredients for dinner can be both time-consuming and messy. Getting a pile of grated cheese into a measuring cup can require a little extra care. With the PrepTaxi Measuring Scoops, the maneuver is easier. You can scoop up all sorts of ingredients easily: the sides of the scoop prevent spills and the measuring cups are clear and easy to read. The scoops hold up to two cups. It's ergonomically designed--something you can't say for most measuring cups--and doesn't require you to try to keep hold of a slippery handle while chopping vegetables or meat.

The PrepTaxi Measuring Scoops are made from ABS plastic. They're durable and you can run them through the dishwasher safely, as long as you keep them on the top shelf. The scoops are available in both black and red, both of which include two clear plastic measuring cups with measurements marked on the side--the measuring cups are removable, making clean up even easier, and allowing you to swap them out between particularly messy ingredients. The scoops are 7 inches by 5.5 inches by 2 inches. Each PrepTaxi Measuring Scoop is priced at $10.