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Skybar eliminates need to choose between red, white wine

Three independently separate chambers store, serve and preserve your wine at its optimal temperature.

Skybar Wine Preservation & Optimization System Frontgate

Making decisions can be difficult. Even when the choices presented offer a win/win result. I happen to like cheese. So, if I am faced with a simple choice, say cheddar or Swiss, it can be hard to decide between the two--or the myriad of other possibilities that exist. As you can imagine, grocery shopping for me can sometimes be quite an ordeal. Luckily, I am comfortable and aware of my indecision while in the supermarket. My solution? Purchase one of each.

But what of those times that making a choice leads to a commitment? No, I'm not talking of anything too serious, just choices that are somewhat important--such as which bottle of wine to open, the red or the white?

Sometimes a product comes along that actually does make life easier. The Skybar Wine Preservation & Optimization System from Frontgate is just such a device. Three independently chilled chambers store your wine and keeps them ready at their optimum temperature. Each chamber is equipped with a pouring spout that smoothly decants your wine of choice directly into your glass. Vacuum technology preserves open bottles of wine for up to 10 days.

With three chambers, the choice between red and white is obsolete. Simply open one of each. Now if I could only figure out what to put in the third chamber.

via Acquire