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These funky S'well water bottles are the cheapest we've seen at just $10 (today only)

Snag the trendy hydration accessory at one of the lowest prices we've seen.

Best Buy

True story: I once left my S'well water bottle in a car overnight on a camping trip in the blazing hot middle of August. When I went to move the car the following afternoon there was still ice clinking in the bottle! 

I don't know what sort of black magic S'well uses to insulate its steel beverage bottles but I do know that if you like your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot, you'd be well-served to snag one of these trendy and efficient S'well bottles currently on sale for just $10 -- today only -- as Best Buy's Deal of the Day.

The S'ip by S'well comes in both a 16.7-ounce thermal cup with flip lid for hot beverages and a 15-ounce bottle with screw lid for cold beverages. Both are available in a slew of colors and patterns and at 50% or more off the original price, are significantly cheaper than anywhere else we've found them online (including Amazon), at the time of this writing.

For those keeping track, the S'ip cold water bottle has a slightly different taper shape and is two ounces smaller than the original S'well bottle, but has all the same S'well cold/warm insulation technology.

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