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Shears speed up kitchen work

Whether you're planning on a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner or just roasting a chicken for dinner, cutting up your poultry is much easier with the Things Cooks Love Poultry Shears.

Sur la Table, provider of high quality kitchen gear is creating the best kitchen tools a cook can have. The line now includes a set of poultry shears that more than meet Sur la Table's standards. The Things Cooks Love Poultry Shears are handmade in Italy. They're forged from stainless steel with hand-sharpened blades. The shears are hand-assembled and polished.

The Things Cooks Love Poultry Shears make cutting into poultry flesh a whole lot easier, not to mention classier. Sur la Table

Some poultry shears are hard to use, requiring brute force to cut through bone. Those, as a rule, tear up poultry and make the whole process harder. But the poultry shears from Things Cooks Love have a spring-loaded mechanism, combined with a slightly offset handle to make them easier to use. The designers also added a notch that can help reduce the resistance of bones, providing you with a much easier-to-use tool than many other poultry shears. The well-sharpened blades cut neatly through both skin and bone, without tearing up the meat. These poultry shears lock for safe storage and are even dishwasher safe. They won't be available until December and will cost $49.96.

Editors' note: 11/10/2008: This post incorrectly stated that Marie Simmons, author of Things Cooks Love, was involved in the design of the Things Cooks Love line.