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Serve sushi at home

If you want to serve sushi at home--or just like the elegance of sushi servingware--the Ming Tsai Traditional Sushi Board is the perfect piece for your kitchen.

While I've made a goal of learning to roll sushi myself, I like using sushi servingware even when I don't have sushi to put on it. It's perfect for small appetizers and finger food--and the limits of a typical sushi board make portion control easy. The Ming Tsai Traditional Sushi Board is particularly elegant: It's made entirely of bamboo and has a built-in well that allows you to serve soy and other dipping sauces right on the board, eliminating the need to dirty extra dishes. The Ming Tsai Traditional Sushi Board is 7 inches by 13 inches, and three-quarters of an inch tall. It is a simple design, compared to some sushi servingware modeled after boats or otherwise designed to be eye-catching, but this sushi board is elegant in its simplicity. Because the board is constructed of bamboo, it is hand wash only; however, it eco-friendly, just like Ming's other pieces, as well as durable. It is priced at $14.95. And if you do take up the art of sushi-making, a good sushi board is a necessity. It allows you to serve sushi neatly and easily--and cleaning up soy sauce and wasabi is easy on such a board.

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