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Seal your sips with Autoseal drinkware.

Spillproof travel mugs and hydration bottles for busy people who get thirsty.

I returned home from five weeks out of the country to discover that the mail hold I'd enabled was essentially rendered meaningless by the zealous work of public relations companies, which had stacked no fewer then 12 UPS packages neatly on my front porch.

Don't spill! Contigo

My favorite was the company that included fresh flowers with their package. The flowers, I'm sure, were fresh back on March 25 when they were delivered. But I digress. Among the packages, I found some gems I'll tell you about in the next few days, starting with the very cool Contigo Autoseal drinkware.

The stainless steel mug they sent me holds 16 ounces of liquid and keeps it hot for 4 hours or icy cold for 12. And it actually is spillproof, unlike the sippy cups and sport bottles my kids usually use. The spillproof part is pretty darn simple: when you pick up the mug, you press a button with your thumb to unseal the mug and drink. As soon as you release the button, the mug is sealed, and not a drop drips out.

I love this mug already, and I'm particularly interested in Contigo's line of kid-friendly cups, which are contoured for smaller hands and hold 9 ounces of liquid. Check out the full line of BPA-free, eco-friendly mugs and bottles. Cheers!