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Samsung supercapacity dryer spins large laundry

The Samsung DV328AEW dryer boasts a large drum capacity with an intuitive digital display.

The first thing you notice about the electric (also available in gas) Samsung dryer model number DV328AEW is the elegant digital control panel situated at the top. An uncluttered interface makes for easy decision making, offering a high degree of custom control for drying level, temperature, and time settings. Completing the intuitive interface is a standard selector for signaling when the load is done--high, low, or off.

Samsung - 7.3 Cu. Ft. 9-Cycle Super Capacity Electric Dryer Samsung via Best Buy

A large dial allows for one to choose from nine cycle settings for drying. Familiar settings include permanent press, delicate, and heavy duty, alongside finer choices such as air fluff and freshen up.

With a large 7.3 cubic foot drum capacity (on the larger side for consumer brands), the dryer can easily accommodate huge loads all at once, saving time and money. Additionally, there is a drying rack for bulkier items such as pillows or sneakers.

At the end of the cycle, the dryer incorporates wrinkle prevention, tumbling the dryer without the heat so as to not let wrinkles set in. This is a feature not to be taken lightly for the more forgetful among us.

The dryer stands at just more than 3 feet high and pairs with a comparable washer for either side-by-side or stacked configurations. For further integration within your laundry room, the dryer door has a reversible door hinge allowing for it to swing open to fit your space. Anyone who has struggled putting laundry into an oddly positioned dryer can tell you that this might be the most important feature of all.