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Samsung Smart Window video shows off futuristic fenestration

Check out our video of Samsung's Transparent LCD Smart Window -- easily the coolest window we've ever seen.

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Windows eh? They're a right pane in the glass! But the humble Tommy Trinder could soon be getting a high-tech makeover courtesy of Samsung's Transparent LCD technology. Hit play on the video above to get a sneak peek at the exciting future of looking outside.

We didn't expect to see the window getting a makeover any time soon, but here we stand. Shown off at the CES trade show in Las Vegas, this transparent touchscreen could let you get your Internet kicks while you see what the weather's doing outside.

The see-through screen could be installed in your kitchen and used to access recipes, or placed in your bedroom wall so you can check Twitter before drawing your curtains. Perhaps the weirdest application of the tech we saw was an on-screen switch that 'drew the blinds' -- turning the display black to simulate shutting out light.

Using a weather widget while you're looking out a window might sound like the world's most pointless exercise, but you could use it to check out meteorological happenings elsewhere in the world, to see if your friends abroad are experiencing better or worse weather.

This is all still experimental tech at the moment, but it's already loads of fun to use, and we love the idea of saving space indoors by making our windows into wall-installed TVs. We'd also love to see a touchscreen, interactive fishtank.

What do you think? An erosion of the simple pleasures garnered by peeking at the world outside? Or a fantastically fun window on to the world of tomorrow? Watch the video, then tell us in the comments or on our Facebook wall.