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Samsung Galaxy Book Go, Go 5G Qualcomm-powered laptops join Galaxy ecosystem

And they're cheap, too.


Samsung on Wednesday announced the new Galaxy Book Go and Galaxy Book Go 5G laptops. Built around Qualcomm's Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 and 8cx Gen 2 5G compute platforms and running Windows 10, the 14-inch laptops are a lower-cost alternative to the company's flagship Galaxy Book Pro laptops. While the Go 5G isn't expected until later this year, the Wi-Fi-only Go will be available in the US beginning June 10, starting at $349. (That converts to approximately £250 or AU$455.)

The Galaxy Book Go promises an extremely long battery life of up to 18 hours, which is similar to what we've seen on past Qualcomm-based laptops we've tested. However, those laptops were also a bit pokey with performance and Samsung doesn't really make any big power claims in its announcement of the new laptops. The focus is more on mobility and being a part of the Galaxy ecosystem. 

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Like the Galaxy Book Pro laptops, the Go is designed to seamlessly work with Samsung's other Galaxy devices so you can do things like using a Galaxy Tab S7 tablet as a secondary display or instantly connect your Galaxy Buds. Samsung also says it has a durable design and weighs just about 3 pounds (1.4 kilograms). All in all, this looks like it might be a good Windows alternative to lower-end Chromebooks, especially if you're deep into Samsung's Galaxy devices.

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