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Salt and style

Salt cellars may seem like a thing of the past, but the Grapevine Salt Cellar will bring elegance to any table.

The Grapevine Salt Cellar Clay Company

On my table, I have a set of salt and pepper shakers. The idea of a salt cellar just seems a little old-fashioned. After all, why keep salt in a dish and spoon it over my food when I can just shake out a little? But a salt cellar, like the Grapevine Salt Cellar from Clay Company, can offer a bit of elegance you might not otherwise find on a table. This pewter dish is custom-designed and comes with a matching spoon. To sweeten the deal, Clay Company has added vintage red wine infused sea salt to the set. Clay Company also sells other salt cellar designs, each matched with an unusual salt --the Sacred Heart Salt Cellar comes with Habenero Fire Sea Salt, for instance, while the Royal Crown Salt Cellar comes with Indian Curry Sea Salt.

The Grapevine Salt Cellar measures 5.38 inches by 4 inches by 1 inch. It is shallower than many salt cellars, although that may not be a bad thing if you're trying to keep your salt intake to a minimum. The salt cellar is priced at $33 when accompanied by the spoon and salt, although you can purchase a set without the salt for $26.