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Safari 1.2.x: Problems uploading to some sites

Safari 1.2.x: Problems uploading to some sites

MacFixIt reader Michael Pantoja reports a problem that appears to have cropped up with the Safari 1.2.1 update, where uploading files via the browser - using the POST array - are problematic.

A poster to the Apple Discussion boards writes:

"I am also a web developer and have noticed file uploads have stopped working in the latest version of Safari. The same upload script works fine with IE/Netscape on PC and Mac. The same script worked fine in Safari before updating to the latest version. We use a file uploader on so this broken functionality in Safari renders it useless for the service."

In most cases, uploading works well in Camino and other browsers with the same sites.

This problem can also affect Webmail services, such as those offered by Yahoo!, as well as content management tools such as the Blackboard system used by a number of universities.

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