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Remove the stress from Thanksgiving, the Aga way

The Aga Four Oven Cooker uses radiant heat to cook your favorite meals in no time at all.

With technology advancing faster than one can keep up, sometimes it's good to hold on to the past. Believe me, I'm all for a refrigerator that can give me financial advice or a microwave that can regrow my hair, but sometimes you just want to keep things simple and cook a good meal.

Simple and classic cooking Aga-Rayburn

Aga's cast iron Four Oven Cooker will do just that while at the same time keeping your kitchen aesthetically pleasing. Like the name says, it features four radiant heat ovens allowing you to speed up the cooking process and spend more time enjoying your food. The key to the Four Oven Cooker is the use of radiant heat, which allows the oven to constantly be ready to cook. A burner heats the metal allowing the cast iron to retain the heat while a temperature-regulation system transfers the heat continually to hotplates and ovens at exact preset levels. Forget about constantly checking to see if the oven is ready to pop in those brownies; just throw them in and go back to what you were doing. To appease those folks thinking the oven is an energy hog, after the initial startup the thermostatic control only allows the burner to use fuel to maintain temperatures for the oven and hotplate.

If you've ever hosted Thanksgiving at your home, I'm sure you've already whipped out your credit card and are a proud new owner. What may worry some is the lack of any knobs, dials, and timers to indicate you might be burning those brownies. Personally, I'm a bit of a frantic chef, constantly checking on whether something is ready to eat. If you're the type to toss in a casserole and then go find something else to do, this might not be the oven for you.

The oven also features 13 different glossy enamels to match whatever theme you may have in your kitchen, as well as gas and electric models. The downside to the oven is the price at close to $16,000 which might limit this oven to either desperate chefs seeking to limit their cooking time or folks who have quite a bit of expendable income.