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Red-hot Response kettle

The Kenwood Response tea kettle changes color as your water heats up, and the accompanying toaster has high-tech features.

Like a mood ring for your water

They say a watched pot never boils, but with the Kenwood Response kettle you won't be able to look away. That's because the sides of the kettle are constantly changing color, from a cool blue to a hot red, as the water inside heats up. Aside from the rainbow lighting effect, the Response kettle also features a switch on the side that lets you heat water to exactly 176 degrees--the perfect temp for brewing green tea. The kettle will then hold the water at that temperature so you can always top off your cup or brew a second serving.


If you like a little toast with your tea or coffee, the Response line also includes a high-tech toaster. The appliance features LEDs that count down to the moment your toast will pop up, a variable-width slot to accommodate thick bagels, and--my personal favorite--the option to keep your toast warm so it's always hot enough to melt butter.

Unfortunately, Kenwood is based in the UK, so we here in the States can't yet enjoy the company's "21st Century Breakfast Set." It's such a good idea, though, I hope someone will bring it to our shores soon.

Via Chip Chick