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Red Hat coder moving to Mozilla

After nine years at Linux seller Red Hat, Christopher Blizzard will become an evangelist with the company behind the open-source Firefox Web browser.

I'm a week late with this, but in case others also didn't notice, Christopher Blizzard, who has been a prominent programmer for Red Hat for nine years, has left to take a new job with Mozilla. He announced the move on his blog.

Mozilla backs the development of both the Firefox Web browser and the Thunderbird e-mail client. Mozilla

"Starting in mid-November I will be joining the evangelism team at Mozilla help tell the story of the Open Web. My role will be to work with other open-source projects that are well aligned with Mozilla's mission and help them take part in writing that story," he said on his blog.

The Mozilla Foundation, fueled by revenue from a Google deal, is in a growth spurt right now. Its Mozilla Corp. subsidiary develops the Firefox Web browser, which has won significant market share from Microsoft's dominant Internet Explorer. The Mozilla Foundation also funds development of the new Prism software for turning Web software into desktop software, Thunderbird e-mail software, the Sunbird calendar software, and the Lightning plug-in for endowing Thunderbird with calendar abilities, and various other open-source projects.

Blizzard has been active in projects including Fedora, Red Hat's free and fast-moving Linux product, and the One Laptop Per Child effort.