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Where can you get new feet for a MacBook system, and what can you do when Mail's toolbar suddenly disappears? Here we answer these and other questions from MacFixIt readers.


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This week people wrote in with issues ranging from how to replace missing or damaged foot pads for Apple's MacBook systems to what versions of iOS will work on specific iPod Touch models. One reader's CD drives are not accepting any discs, another is missing toolbars in programs like Mail, and one user wants to know how to migrate from a PC to a Mac. We welcome alternative approaches and views from readers, so post your own suggestions in the comments!

Question: New feet for a MacBook system
MacFixIt reader Don asks:

I am told that the only repair for lost rubber feet is a whole new bottom case. This seems a ridiculous overkill. Do you know of any alternate solutions?

The only alternative would be to craft something yourself, or take them off a broken and discarded system. The feet/pads are not an item you can order, and the simplest approach would indeed be to replace the bottom case. If you still have the current feet, then you can use some industrial grade epoxy to glue them back on, but if not then my recommendation would be to try crafting them yourself, or using those green felt stick-on pads. This won't be the same thing, but will be something better than scraping the bottom of the system whenever you slide it on a table.

Question: iPod software support
MacFixIt reader "lehongva1450" asks:

Can I upgrade my first-generation iPod Touch to 3.1.3 without problems?

That software update is the last one that worked on the first-generation iPod Touch. You should be able to update it just fine. Unfortunately, Apple does not have a list of supported devices for the various iOS versions, but people have created a great table on Wikipedia that outlines what hardware can be upgraded to what version of iOS.

Question: CD drive not accepting any discs
MacFixIt reader Dennis asks:

I cannot get my CD drive to accept a CD. I ejected the one I was using and now the drive won't accept the CD.

Are you able to boot off an OS X installation DVD (insert it and reboot with the "C" key held down to do this)? If this does not work and the drive will not accept any disc, then it is likely it has broken and needs to be replaced, something that is not uncommon for DVD drives.

Question: Mail toolbar suddenly missing
MacFixIt reader "dd1226" asks:

My entire toolbar disappeared in Apple Mail! Can't send anything!

If your toolbar is missing, then in most applications you can enable it in the application's menus or at the very worst in the preferences for the application. In Mail's case, go to the View menu and choose Show Toolbar, which should be available in there.

Question: Migrating from a PC to a Mac
MacFixIt reader bencoh asks:

How do i migrate from a PC to a Mac?

Apple ships its migration assistant with OS X that will help you transfer your data and workflow to the Mac OS from Windows. You can read about it at this Apple support Web page.

Alternatively you can purchase Parallels Transporter or a virtualization solution like Parallels Desktop and migrate your PC to a virtual machine that runs in your new Mac. With the virtual machine set up, you can then slowly transition to using Mac applications by running them alongside your Windows programs and the Windows environment that you are used to, and eventually do away with the Windows side of things.

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