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Put a keyboard in your pocket, $29.99 shipped

Amazon is selling the folding Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard, which works with most PDAs and smartphones, for just $29.99 shipped. Regular price: $149.99.


Smartphone keyboards are fine for composing short e-mails and maybe tweaking the occasional Word document. But if you want to get any serious work done on your device, fuhgeddaboudit. Your thumbs don't deserve that kind of punishment. Instead, reach for the iGo Stowaway Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard, which serves up a full-size set of QWERTY keys and then folds up slim enough to slip into your pocket.

The Stowaway normally lists for $149.99 (ouch!), but Amazon has it on sale for just $29.99--which qualifies it for the store's free Super Saver Shipping. Just make sure you check device compatibility before ordering; although the keyboard works with a broad range of BlackBerry, Palm, and Windows Mobile devices, some customers have complained of compatibility issues (check the user reviews on the Amazon product page).

I've been a big fan of Stowaway keyboards since they first came out for Palm PDAs almost 10 years ago. They're amazingly compact, comfy to type on, and guaranteed to boost your mobile productivity. [via Business Hacks]