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Prophets of Doom

Prophets of Doom

If you are in a good mood, don't read any further, unless you want to risk a change in mood. In the last couple of days, based on the listing at MacSurfer's Headline News, there has been yet another upswing in media articles with negative information about Apple. Maybe it has to do with Apple's expected announcement of a $625 million loss for the quarter. If you feel up to it, you can check out:

Then there's always the continuation of the somewhat bizarre take-over attempt by Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison, who now believes there is a "very high possibility" that his bid to acquire Apple Computer will succeed.

I know. The media is biased. The media is inaccurate. The predictions of doom have always been wrong. Still, I keep hoping for a turn-around in media coverage. Meanwhile, I can always spend more time reading Guy's MacWay list.