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Problem exporting iMovie DV files to camcorders; solution

Problem exporting iMovie DV files to camcorders; solution

There appears to be a problem where iMovie 4.0.x is unable to export digital video to some camcorders after specific Final Cut Pro updates - Pro Application Support and Final Cut Pro HD.

Users receive the message "Lost Connection to Camera - iMovie lost its connection to the video camera. Please check the connections and try again."

MacFixIt reader Ian Lloyd writes "I have recently been having problems with iMovie that appear to have sprung out of nowhere. I can no longer export videos back to my DV camera as I have been doing successfully for the last 4 months.

"I can, however, import video from that same camera, control the camera via firewire (play/stop/ff/rew etc)

"I have checked to see if I have loaded any software updates recently, and there are only 2 that have been loaded since my last successful export to tape. These were both Final Cut Pro updates (Pro Application Support and Final Cut Pro HD)."

A poster to Apple's Discussion boards confirmed the issue, and offered a potential fix:

"This occurred after an upgrade to FCP HD. I traced the problem to the following two files:
  • /Library/QuickTime/DesktopVideoOut.component
  • /Library/QuickTime/DVCPROHDVideoOutput.component

"When I removed these two, I regained the functionality in iMovie. I'm not sure what this does to FCP, but it doesn't seem to mess up anything we use on a regular basis."


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