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Printing problems on Novell networks: a follow-up

Printing problems on Novell networks: a follow-up

Regarding our previous item on network printing problems in Mac OS 8.1: Check out NetWare Client for Mac OS 5.11 Support web page for up-to-the-minute help in dealing with Novell problems.

More on -8993 error A Hot Issues document offers more information on the previously reported -8993 error problem: LaserWriter 8.5.1 not working with NW Queues reports the cause as the fact that "the NetWare Queue does not respond to all the Postscript queries the LaserWriter Driver requests. Specifically, the queue does not respond to the Font Query nor to the how much VM the print job have Query. The print job will not go through unless all postscript queries are answered.

Workarounds: a. Use Apple LaserWriter Driver v8.4.3. b. If printing to an HP Printer, use the latest HP LaserJet Driver v8.5.1[?]. c. If printer has AppleTalk enabled, print directly to the AppleTalk Printer using LaserWriter v8.5.1 (Peer-to-peer printing)."

More on Type 1 error Regarding the Type 1 error problem previously posted: NW Print Chooser not loading with Mac OS 8.x reports that "an incompatibility exists between NetWare Print Chooser and Mac OS 8.x. The problem is intermittent and the Netware Print Chooser seem to load fine after powering off the Mac for at least 4 to 6 hours. The problem seems to occur when the customer tries to modify or delete the Desktop Printer Icon and re-create another Desktop Printer Icon." The symptom may include a bus (Type 1) error.

Yet another problem Mark E. Golemb reported on yet another related document: "Symptom: Using NetWare Client for Mac OS 5.11 and the patch <MCLUPD3.BIN> on a Mac OS 8 Box. After Double clicking on the printer or queue in the NetWare Directory Browser, the NetWare Print Chooser comes up Black fields in it and you cannot see it very well. Solution: Unchecking "System-wide platinum appearance" in the Appearance Control Panel corrects the problem."