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Prep, chop and more

The Rosle Multi Chopper lives up to its claim of multiple uses. It can handle anything from mixing to chopping--without needing to be plugged in.

The Rosle Multi Chopper
The Rosle Multi Chopper Williams Sonoma

It's rare that a really useful gadget doesn't need to be plugged in these days. The Rosle Multi Chopper, however, can carry out a long list of tasks without any power beyond what you're willing to put in. There's a cord to pull, which then turns the drive mechanism seven times for each pull. The drive mechanism can turn stainless-steel blades that will chop herbs, nuts, vegetables, fruit, and even cooked meats. It can turn an herb basket that will spin-dry freshly washed herbs (or a small amount of vegetables). There's even a mixer insert that can stir, emulsify, and puree--with just a few pulls, you can make a smoothie or some dressing.

The Rosle Multi Chopper comes with a lid that allows you to easily keep prepared ingredients in the chopper until you actually need them. It also has a spatula that can help you get every last drop of anything you choose to mix up. The Rosle Multi Chopper has an ergonomic handle and an antislip base, making it easy to use even if you have to rely on a little sweat to use it, rather than electricity. The chopper is $49.95.