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Positive Mac repair experiences

Positive Mac repair experiences

With all the negative reports regarding Mac repair appearing on MacFixIt over the past few weeks, we'd like to pass along two glowing endorsements for service: one regarding Apple's internal service, and another regarding a third-party vendor

Mark Bernstein writes "My one-month-old 15" Aluminum PowerBook (1.25 GHz, FW 800) began to exhibit the dreaded "uneven illumination" problem. I called Apple Support this past Monday morning (1/26) and with no fuss at all they overnighted a shipping carton, which I received Tuesday. Sent the computer off for repair Tuesday evening. This morning (Thursday, 1/29) it arrived repaired with a new LCD display assembly. Yikes. Talk about quick turnaround. Thanks, Apple."

Joseph Boykin writes "About a month ago I managed to trip over the power cord for my Ti PB G4/500. The right hinge cracked and the wire providing power for the screen backlight broke as I was lifting the computer off the floor. The LCD and the remainder of the system were fine. After looking around a bit, I decided to use to do the repair. When I deal with any company I look for three things: Price, Quality and Customer Support.

"On the price standpoint, they were fine (OK, the repair cost a few hundred dollars, but better than replacing the whole LCD, which is Apple's alternative, and they only charged $35/hr for labor).

"Quality; The hinge was replaced and the backlight wire was repaired; the system looks brand new. In addition, the system was repaired within 24 hours of their receipt, they tightened up a few lose screws, and cleaned the screen. They also left a note reminding me to reset the date/time when the system was booted.

"From a Customer Support standpoint it was crazy; they replied to every email within an hour; they called me on my cell phone when they had a question; the box was shipped within hours of the repair being complete; they answered a large number of questions and did a reasonably detailed analysis of the problem based on some pictures I sent them. Overall, a great experience (ignoring the not-so-great part of breaking my laptop; or the other not-so-great part of not having an excuse to buy a brand new one)."

Have a favorable or unsatisfactory experience with Apple or third-party's repair service?

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