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Posers beware, MySpace and HP team up for free prints

HP and MySpace have teamed up to provide the perfect outlet for posers and pouters everywhere, with a service that allows users to print images from the social networking site onto a number of mediums.

Perfect that pout MySpacers, because you're about to get up-close and personal with printing.

The Photo Cube on MySpace (Credit: HP)

Fancy a daily reminder of those not-so-picture-perfect memories of your nightclub shenanigans that somehow made their way onto the social networking site? You can now print your emo-styled memories onto calendars, or a 3D cube, for free.

HP has partnered with MySpace to allow users to print products not only from photo galleries across the site, but also from blog entries, comments and messages on a profile.

We never thought we'd see a practical application for one of those spam Macy's gift card messages, but this might very well be it. The aforementioned cube, dubbed "MyCube", also seems to defy the laws of Euclidean geometry by having five sides instead of six.

Once you are logged into your profile, navigate to your MyPhotos page and click the option at the top that says "Make Photo Cube and More". You can then download the PDF to print off at your whim.