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Portable, personal water filtration

This reusable water bottle filters tap water every time you fill it.

Reusable bottles. What will they think of next? h2o Health Solutions

Years ago, I stopped packing sippy cups full of juice in my kids' lunchboxes and switched to bottled water. But buying those bottles--ugh! The cost, for one, the plastic, for another--it's enough to make a mom crazy. And I love the convenience of grabbing a bottle of water to take with me on errands, but I hate, hate, hate paying for bottled water. And again with the plastic.... What's a girl to do?

Wellness h2.o is a personal, reusable water bottle. OK, I hear you saying. The girl discovered reusable plastic bottles. So what? Well, this one is different. The Wellness h2.o bottle has a built-in filtration system that purifies ordinary tap water, so you can refill to your heart's content--and your palate's delight. One Wellness h2.o water bottle cartridge will provide you with 1,100 bottles of water.

If I buy store brand 24-packs of water, I can pay as little as 12.5 cents a bottle. So I'm saving over $100, minimum--and a lot more if I buy individual bottles of cold water.

The major downside is that these bottles cost $47. Yes, you read that right. But, the company claims you can use tap water from anywhere in the world. So if you're planning a trip anywhere outside the U.S. where you don't trust the water source, this bottle just might be a great investment.