Ivanka Trump to speak Tuesday at CES 2020

She will join CTA President Gary Shapiro for a discussion called "The Path to the Future of Work."

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Ivanka Trump, adviser to President Donald Trump, is coming to CES.

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Ivanka Trump is set to appear at 2 p.m. Tuesday at CES 2020 in Las Vegas to discuss the "future of work" with Consumer Technology Association President Gary Shapiro.

CES is one of the most influential tech trade shows in the world, drawing Google, Facebook, IBM, Amazon and Apple as well as countless lesser-known companies. Trump, an adviser to President Donald Trump, has played a major role in the White House's technology outreach, joining Google CEO Sundar Pichai at a tech jobs initiative announcement in October and accompanying the president on visit to Apple's production facility in November. She has also joined in on discussions with executives from Microsoft, Google and IBM, as well as sitting on an advisory board with Apple CEO Tim Cook.   

In the past, Shapiro has spoken out against the Trump administration's trade war with China, arguing that tariffs are hurting US chipmakers, as well as the nation's 5G rollout. In August, Shapiro said the tariffs against China were "the worst economic mistake" since 1930. "Instead of making America great again, the president is using tariffs to make a great economic mistake -- again," Shapiro said in the August statement. 

During Donald Trump's race for the White House in 2015 and 2016, Shapiro also directly opposed the real estate developer. In a Medium post on July 24, 2015 -- a month after Trump announced he was running for president -- Shapiro wrote that "any respect or affection I had for Donald Trump is gone."

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Shapiro's comments came after Trump's remarks on immigrants and Sen. John McCain's military service. 

"As for me, I will not hold meetings at or visit any Trump property or even watch any Trump TV show until he drops out of the presidential race and apologizes to those he slandered," Shapiro said in the post. 

The CTA president has written blog posts against Donald Trump, including one in 2016 in which he said, "America and the Republican Party are greater than Trump. We can and should do better."

Following Trump's election, Shapiro has appeared to warm up to the president and his administration. 

In 2017, Shapiro wrote an op-ed for the American Spectator, calling Ivanka Trump "the business-savvy feminist we need in the White House." The CTA has also joined the White House's "Pledge to America's Workers," which aims to add about 392,000 new US worker training opportunities by 2024. 

In a statement in May, Trump said, "We thank CTA and all of the members who are taking that step today by signing the White House Pledge to the American Worker."
Originally published Dec. 13.
Update, Jan. 7: Adds Ivanka Trump's scheduled speaking date and time.

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