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Pinnacle Glass Canisters stack and store food in plain sight

The Pinnacle Glass Canisters offer an attractive way to store dry goods. The food-storage containers stack for an impressive display.

Clearly, these Pinnacle Glass Canisters stack up nicely against other alternatives.
Clearly, these Pinnacle Glass Canisters stack up nicely against other alternatives. NapaStyle

The food pantry houses a mysterious portal that is capable of transporting whatever we happen to be looking for to some hidden dimension. Instead of the ingredients we want, we're left scratching our heads, wondering just how it can be that there are 10 cans of peas and 8 jars of pimentos. Apparently, this mysterious vortex has multiplying capabilities as well. Perhaps instead of stocking up, stacking up will shed some light on the subject.

The Pinnacle Glass Canisters ($169) are made for the kitchen countertop and come in pairs. They feature two different sizes with the small canister measuring 9 inches in diameter and 7.5 inches tall, while the larger one forms the base and is 9.75 inches in diameter and 8.25 inches tall. Together, the two food storage jars make an attractive display for every day (or not-so-everyday) dry goods.

Along with the mythical missing sock in the dryer, the quandary of the back of the pantry will probably never be solved. However, when it comes to not losing certain items such as dry pasta, beans, cookies, and grains, these clear, stacking jars offer a transparent solution. At $169 for the pair, they are certainly not cheap, but that may be a small price to pay to never have to come face to face with the mysterious food-consuming portal that lives in the back of the pantry.