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Personal blender brings back the glass

The Tribest PB-300 Mason Jar Personal Blender uses a variety of attachments, including standard Mason jars.

Glass to go. Tribest

The concept of blender jars used as serving devices is nothing new. For example, as far back as anyone can remember, sitting down to enjoy a milkshake almost guaranteed the little bit extra that didn't fit in the glass would come to the table in a shiny (and cold) blender vessel. For reasons unknown, however, it seemed to take decades for this concept to extend into the home (losing the traditional glass in the process). Now, single-serving blenders are commonplace, but perhaps something was lost in the transition.

Though it won't reverse the hustle and bustle of the modern era, the Tribest PB-300 Mason Jar Personal Blender will at least bring back the glass. Using regular mouth Mason jars as the blending vessel, the set makes it easy to blend and serve in the same jar. Since Mason jars come with lids, the storage solution is built right in. No Mason jars on hand? That's OK; the blender comes with a set.

The 200-watt blender comes with a variety of other attachments and containers. Two separate blade assemblies handle blending as well as grinding, and additional polycarbonate containers allow users to blend and grind items one at a time if desired. As a final sign of this era-spanning blender, the set even comes with a commuter sipping lid--so you can jump right back into the modern grind.