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Pastasaurus server is a yabba-dabba do good time

It takes a special kind of dinosaur to dish up dinner, but the Pastasaurus Pasta Server is up to the task.

The Pastasaurus Pasta Server Perpetual Kid

The Pastasaurus Pasta Server can add some fun to any pot of spaghetti: it has teeth ready to capture any noodle that is thinking about getting away, as well as a design that will remind your children of their favorite dinosaurs. The shape of the teeth works particularly well at catching slippery pasta, at least long enough to get it to a plate. The bright green serving spoon will definitely stick out in your kitchen. The handle, while not quite comparable to the tails of giants like the Stegosaurus, is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand.

The Pastasaurus Pasta Server is made from food-grade plastic. It measures 13 inches long, with plenty of length to reach into hot pasta without endangering the fingers of even young helpers. This serving spoon may seem a little on the silly side--unless you have children in elementary school. Then it can be a tool to get even picky eaters to consider trying out some pasta, though you'll probably get a few dinosaur noises at the dinner table, too. The Pastasaurus Pasta Server is available from Perpetual Kid for $7.99.