Partial downloads: Fetch and NetFinder

Partial downloads: Fetch and NetFinder


A new version 3.0.2 of Fetch, a ftp browser utility, is now out. The main addition appears to be the ability to resume a partial download (such as one that was interrupted due to an unexpected disconnect from your ISP). However, check the Help file before trying this because there are numerous restrictions on when it will work.

An alternative to Fetch is a relatively new entry called NetFinder. Currently at version 1.0.1, it too supports the ability to resume a partial download - with even less restrictions that Fetch (for example, you can resume a download after having quit NetFinder) - although I got an error message when I tried it with version 1.0. It also sports a Finder-like interface that makes transferring files as easy (or as awkward) as moving files around your desktop. Definitely worth a look. (Thanks, David Snedigar.)

Returning to Fetch, one user has already reported a possible bug in version 3.0.2: "When I use the 'View File' command to look at the text file that counts my web site hits, the window drops the first digit, so that if the content of the file is '936' only '36' shows in the window. If I save the file to my machine, I get the full 3 digits. The problem went away when I switched back to 3.0.1."

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