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Paracord grenade hides survival tools inside

Prepare for the apocalypse with a paracord grenade stuffed with everything you need to make it through an episode of "The Walking Dead."

This "grenade" is really a survival kit. Surf City Paracord

The braided paracord bracelet, a fashion favorite for survivalists and urbanites alike, makes it look like you're prepared for anything. If the zombie apocalypse were to happen five minutes from now, you'd be able to lash together a shelter, catch a fish, snare a squirrel and create trip-wires with tin cans to alert you to the approaching undead.

Maybe you want to stand out from the bracelet-wearing crowd, but you still want access to some paracord. You might check out the M-550 Pro Paracord Survival Grenade from Etsy seller Surf City Paracord. It looks like a grenade, but it's woven from about 50 feet (15 meters) of paracord.

For $69.99 (about £46), you get not just a nifty craft item, but a complete survival kit. Stuffed inside the grenade is an LED light, mini pocket knife, signal mirror, fire-starting rod, fishing line, fish hooks, sutures, a can opener, a compressed towel, waterproof matches, a wire saw, compass, tape and more.

One of the more entertaining items on the list is a universal handcuff key. The key comes with a note that says you should only use it if you're illegally restrained. It's probably a good idea to have this just in case you find yourself stuck in a Hollywood action movie and need to escape.

Paracord is available in all sorts of fun colors, so Surf City will let you choose if you want your grenade to look like camo or more like a hot-pink ball of survival.

(Via The Awesomer)