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Striking light paintings created by drone

Strapping a few lights to a drone and then taking a long-exposure photograph can create works of surprising artistry.


Some of our favorite light paintings -- such as Darius Twin's adventurous skeletons -- are painstakingly etched with the human hand, but getting robots involved seems to be increasing.

This project is not quite as awesome as astronaut Koichi Wakata's light paintings aboard the ISS, but it's still very cool.

The work of creative agency Fiction, the paintings were created by attaching colored lights to a DJI Phantom. This was then flown around while a camera took a long-exposure photograph of its movements. Photoshop was used to give the resultant photos a kaleidoscope effect.

The drone in question, equipped with lights. Fiction

The project wasn't for any particular campaign, just for fun.

"I've always loved the aesthetic of the movie 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind.' I love how they used lights to imply the shapes of the UFO as opposed to spelling it out for the viewer," reads the Fiction blog post. "So I figured I would try to recreate a similar vibe."

We would say the project was pretty successful -- the pictures have a strangely serene, yet alien feel. And there may be more at some point, too. "I want to strap the world's brightest flash light to it next and see what happens," Fiction said. "Maybe fly it through a forest like a UFO with a tractor beam."

(Source: Crave Australia via The Awesomer)