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Pack up and go camping with this kitchen

Need a place to store the Kelty kitchen sink we told you about the other day? Try this folding camp kitchen, with smart storage solutions and more.

Get cooking! Kelty

Now that we've found your solution for washing dishes while camping, you may be wondering how to prepare your meals in the first place.

Well, the good folks at Kelty have thought of that, too. They've created a folding camp kitchen with enough surface area for food prep, plus a dedicated area where you can set up your stove (not included) -- with a removable wind screen. Stock the zippered pantry with their Binto storage bins (sold separately, natch), and you're good to go. There's even a paper towel holder, which is more than my real kitchen has.

This is a pricey piece of equipment--Amazon has it for around $140--but it's well made, lightweight, and folds up to a compact 8 inches by 32 inches. It also comes with a transport sack for easy carrying. It won the 2008 Editors' Choice award from Camping Life magazine and comes recommended by the people I trust to take my own kids on their camping adventures.