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Orange Sound Charge t-shirt claims to juice up phone with Glastonbury noise

Orange's Sound Charge t-shirt concept hopes to give your phone a battery boost at this year's Glastonbury festival. But would you sacrifice your fashion pride for some extra power?

Orange is getting into the spirit of hippie-dippy ridiculousness at Glastonbury festival this year with the Sound Charge T-shirt, which it claims turns music into power for your phone.

Losing charge on your mobile at a festival is a surefire way to put a dampener on things -- you can't phone your friends to find out where they are and you can't use the camera to take photos of them passed out in the mud when you do. That's to say nothing of the shame of not keeping up on all the latest tech news on Crave.

So Orange has put its glorious summer silly hat on and harnessed the power of piezoelectric film. This space-age material is able to convert sound vibrations into electrical charge via some kind of wizardry we don't believe understand.

Orange reckons the noise of Glastonbury festival will be enough to keep one smart phone charged for the weekend -- though how that claim actually stacks up if you're using your phone's camera to record live video remains to be seen. Though if Apple has its way, that won't be an issue for you.

Sadly, the shirt rather falls down on the style front. The piezoelectric film is slapped on the front of the shirt, making you look like a Teletubbies reject. Couple that with having your phone stuck to your chest as a geeky badge of honour and you can expect a justifiably harsh word from the fashion police. And given the recent deluges, we have to ask -- is it waterproof?

Orange has a great record of bringing unworkably mad tech to the music-loving masses, with such memorable delights as the Power Wellies that create energy by walking and the Dance Charge that juices your phone when you throw some shapes on the dancefloor. Both of which changed the face of the world exactly as much as you'd expect them to.

The t-shirt is "still in the development stages" and is being rigorously tested by blasting the sound of Glastonbury festival at it. Presumably by people who lost some kind of bet.