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Open, sesame

Sensor-based trash can opens automatically when you step in front of it

The sensor zone on the base can see your foot and knows to open the top. Simplehuman

Simplehuman's line of products, from their bathroom organizers to their coffee pots, are all designed to make our daily activities faster, more convenient, and more efficient. With their fingerprint-proof rectangular sensor can, they're helping to make them more sanitary, too.

The sensor can is shaped much like the standard stainless steel hinge-top trash can, but it comes with an important germ-avoiding feature: The top opens automatically when you step your foot into the sensor zone that's at the bottom of the can. Not only do you avoid touching the can with your hands, but you also eliminate the mechanical foot pedal that often breaks or bends.

Like most of Simplehuman's products, the trash can is designed to be space efficient, and can snug up against the wall and out of the way. It also stays sparkling with its fingerprint-proof finish and will stay ajar if you press the lid hold button.

If you've ever owned one of those foot pedal trash cans, then you know that after a few months of good use, the pedal ends up buckling, leaving you with your hands full of trash. If you haven't, then you'll just have to take my word for it.