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OLPC: Give one get one--for one more month

One Laptop Per Child extends its two-machines-for-$399 offer through December 31.

The OLPC XO laptop OLPC

Monday isn't the last day after all for the One Laptop Per Child's "Give One Get One" offer.

The offer began two weeks ago and had been scheduled to run through November 26, but the organization extended it until December 31, according to its Web site. With the offer, customers who spend $399 get one laptop, and a child in a developing nation gets another.

"Thanks to a growing interest in the program, we are extending Give One Get One until the end of the year," the organization said.

Customers also get a $200 tax deduction and a year of wireless network access through T-Mobile access points. The laptop uses Linux and a variety of higher-level open-source software packages.