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Official RC robotic transformers coming soon?

Spotted at the Tokyo Toy Show was a remote-controlled robotic Transformer concept by Tomy, the licensed maker of official Transformers toys.

Hobby Media

Remember the robotic Transformer shown off by Brave Robotics at last year's Tokyo Maker Faire? It seems the toy caught the eye of official Transformers toy maker Tomy, which is now working with Brave Robotics to create a commercial line, according to Italian hobby news Web site Hobby Media.

Tomy, which hit robotic success in the 1980s with its Omnibots line, is seeking to get up to date with current technologies to make a dream come true for Transformers fans everywhere.

Brave Robotics' Transform Robot 7.2, controlled by a modified PlayStation 2 controller, can transform, walk, shoot projectiles, stream video, drive around, and even do a little dance. At this stage, Tomy's prototypes are just that -- prototypes -- so we're not sure what they can do, but we hope dancing is included. Judging by the lower left-hand corner, they'll even be smartphone compatible.

Although a release date and pricing are yet to be decided, Hobby Media reported that the product should be on the market by the end of next year.

(Source: Crave Australia)