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Official Nexus 7 dock unboxed, but no word of a release

The official dock for the Nexus 7 has been spotted on video. Surely a release can't be far off?

The Google Nexus 7 went on sale what seems like ages ago now (actually it was just back in the summer, but a lot has happened since then) and the official dock is still yet to be released. That's pretty puzzling, considering we brought you news of it leaking way back in August.

Well here it is on video for the first time, being unboxed and twirled for your viewing pleasure, Pocketnow reports. Hopefully we'll see it hit the shelves sometime before 2015.

First up, we get a look at the back of the box, showing it is indeed the real deal, made by Asus. (There's some suitably dramatic music to go with this as well.) Then it's on to the manual, and just over a minute into the video, there's the dock. Hurrah!

There's Nexus branding in the corner, and a micro-USB port and headphone jack on the back, along with the Asus logo. It generally looks pretty much as we expected from a previous leak.

It also uses the Nexus 7's pogo-pin support, meaning there's no need to connect any cables or even really dock the tablet properly. Just drop it in place and you're good to go. A bit like the Nokia Lumia 920's wireless charging.

It's only been spotted on the Japanese Asus site so far, for the equivalent of about $42 (£26). Previously, we heard it would cost around $50. There's no word on a UK release, but I can't see why Asus wouldn't bring it out over here. 

How do you think the Nexus 7 stacks up against the iPad in terms of accessories? Would you buy the official dock? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.