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Odds and Ends: iTunes static when ripping from CD-R; Knowledge Base updates

Odds and Ends: iTunes static when ripping from CD-R; Knowledge Base updates

iTunes static in "lossless" formats when ripping from CD-R MacFixIt reader Michael Allbritton reports a problem where extracting music from a CD-R audio CD in a lossless format results in static:

"I have found what, to me, is an extremely annoying bug in iTunes 4.5 when importing music off a CD-R into Apple Lossless format. iTunes 4.5 is introducing static into the music files that is not in the original file. I have tried several methods of importation, and I have confirmed that the static is not present on [the] CD-R. When I use the .AIFF, .WAV, or Apple Lossless import setting there are some songs that get the static. If I import using uncompressed audio first, then convert to Apple Lossless the static can get worse.

"If I extract the files off the CD-R directly to my HD using Toast there is no static. But once the file is imported with Apple Lossless there is static. Static has not been introduced into any files I have ripped off commercial CDs, only the CD-Rs I have burned."

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