Odds and Ends: Instructions for resurrecting dead AirPort Express units�

Odds and Ends: Instructions for resurrecting dead AirPort Express units 


Instructions for resurrecting dead AirPort Express units MacBidouille has posted some mechanical repair instructions for the AirPort Express which have resurrected some otherwise defunct units.

"[...] we identified a Fairchild Power Switch that was identified as faulty in her dead APX, and later on in numerous other defective APX. Replacing a defective DM0265 by a new one was not really successful, and could restore APX functions only in few cases. So we went on to identify a faulty component located upstream of the power switch, aiming to demonstrate that only the power board was dead, while the wifi board was still perfectly functional. Thanks to data we have collected over months, Henrik, a member of hardmac forum has successfully resurrected its dead APX. He has published the procedure on his website (be careful it is relatively tricky).

"Once disassembled, we were quite amazed by the poor quality of both design and manufacturing of the power board, especially when comparing it to the clean wifi board." More.

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