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Odds and Ends: Initio SCSI Update Problems; .Mac Broken

Odds and Ends: Initio SCSI Update Problems; .Mac Broken

After Purchase

Initio SCSI update problems Craig Cadwallader reports difficulty using the recently release Initio SCSI cards update, which includes revised firmware for the Bluenote and Miles cards.

"Following the Initio instructions exactly, I used 'Smart SCSI' to update my MilesU2W card while in Mac OS 9.1, and upon re-booting, the MilesU2W card and my Mac OS 9.1 disk disappeared. I tried a number of utilities including Disk First Aid, Norton Utilities, DiskWarrior, TechTool Pro 3, Drive Setup, CharisMac Anubis and Data Rescue. In the end I was forced to create a Zip Disk with Mac OS 9.1, re-boot using that as the startup disk, install a browser, download the Initio "BackFlash" application, run BackFlash, and recover my MilesU2W and original Mac OS 9.1 disk."

Other users are reporting that the new update fixes a longstanding issue that caused Initio's card to improperly function in deep sleep.

.Mac broken after purchase Antony Medley reports that his .Mac account ceased proper functioning when he purchased the service.

"I have just upgraded my .mac account and now I can't access my iDisk -the password etc is entered correctly but when I try and connect it opens the Internet connection preferences. If I try and connect using iDisk utility it reports a major internal error (-1069) and quits. If I try to get there through keychain access, it again reports a system error."