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Odds and Ends: AirPort 4.0 on the way?; End of OS 9-booting Macs; Knowledge Base updates

Odds and Ends: AirPort 4.0 on the way?; End of OS 9-booting Macs; Knowledge Base updates

AirPort 4.0 on the way? On Monday, we covered Apple's announcement of the new AirPort Express "mobile base station"/music receiver. Ivan Trundle discovered that although the AirPort Express page on Apple's website doesn't mention AirPort software versions, the product's Online Apple Store page indicates that a new version of the AirPort software, 4.0, is required to use the AirPort Express:

"Using AirPort 4.0 [emphasis ours] software to administer the base station, access the wireless network for Internet connectivity, and use AirTunes to play music requires..."

New G5 models mean the end (finally) of new OS 9-booting Macs Macworld UK reports that along with the announcement of new Power Mac G5 models, Apple has quietly indicated that it will no longer be producing the line of 1.25GHz Power Mac G4 models, currently the only "new" Macs sold by Apple that can boot into Mac OS 9. These models will be available from the online Apple Store until the current stock is exhausted.

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