Odds & Ends: G4 Multiple Display Support gone for now; Burning iDVD movies on DVD-RAM; more

Odds & Ends: G4 Multiple Display Support gone for now; Burning iDVD movies on DVD-RAM; more

G4 Multiple Display Support gone for now The Power Mac G4 listings in the Apple Store now state that "Multiple Display Support" is "Temporarily unavailable." Steven Maleski informs us that Apple will be offering this option again later in the summer (at Macworld Expo?).

Burning iDVD movies to a DVD-RAM drive Brian Peat informs us: If you have iDVD and a DVD-RAM drive, you can burn a DVD disc with it. Not only that, but you can burn a DVD disc to the 2.6GB media (if you keep the length down). Here's how: 1. Make your iDVD project as you would normally do. 2. Click the Burn button one time, making the icon turn yellowish orange. 3. Control-Click that new button. At this point, on my G4 500 with an older 5.2 Gig DVD-RAM drive, the tray pops open and it asks for a disc. I just successfully burned a short iDVD project to a single sided 2.6GB DVD-RAM disc, which plays in my G4 and should play in all Apple's newer DVD-ROM PowerBooks."

    Update: Danny Wang tried this and confirms it works.

Software for Newer cards For those still using a Newer card, Mark Wilczenski writes: "I have heard that XLR8 MACh Speed Control 2.0.2 works with the Newer MAXPowr cards." Note: Despite Newer's demise, you can also continue to get Newer's MAXpowr software here.

    Update: Randy Smith advises that, if you get bus errors at startup with the XLR8, try removing the files in the Multiprocessing folder (but first see this previous item).

Now Contact data entry oddity solved Jim Voelzow had a data entry problem with Now Contact. He writes: "For example, enter 'John' in the first name field of a new contact and then <tab>. If the name 'John' already exists in the database, then the word 'John' will also be entered into the second field (the one you just tabbed into), while the cursor will now be in the third field in the tab order." Power On claimed they could not duplicate this error. However, they offered Jim a suggestion that solved the problem: Use the space bar instead of tab after entering 'first name' data. As long as autotyping is off, this works.

iBook LCD gap: a follow-up Regarding yesterday's item on an iBook LCD pulling away from the enclosure plastic, a reader suggests that the gap is supposed to be there: "I believe the gap is normal. I noticed this right away on my unit, and upon closer inspection, you can see a small plastic (or possibly styrofoam) shim that sits right behind the iBook Logo between the LCD and the plastic enclosure. I believe this is to keep the plastic bezel from contacting the LCD when you open/close the lid, as this is where 90% of the pressure is exerted since the hinge is located here. If you really look closely (like most new owners of something do) you can notice it, but under normal use I don't even realize the gap is there (it's less than 1/16" thick)."

CoolStream and QuickTime 5 CoolStream 1.1 (a QuickTime streaming utility) does not work with QuickTime 5. A statement on their web page says that the next release will support QuickTime 5. A reader was told that the release will hopefully be out within a few weeks. Note: Computers watching the CoolStream broadcast can still use QT5; it's only the broadcasting machine that must use QT4.