Odds & Ends: DVD screen captures; Shrinkwrap;

Odds & Ends: DVD screen captures; Shrinkwrap;


Logitech driver and single-user mode; more

DVD screen captures Although you cannot use Apple's DVD Player to take screen captures of DVD movie screens (at least not on Macs with ATI video cards), Gabriel Dorado had success with VideoLanClient 0.4.1 for Mac OS X.

Why there is no OS X version of Shrinkwrap Gabriel Dorado received the following reply from Aladdin as to why there is no OS X version of Shrinkwrap: "The reason we are not able to update Shrinkwrap (which we do in fact want to do) is because Apple will not provide us the internal documentation we need in order for us to make it OS X native. I was also told that you can change the format from a Shrinkwrap image to a disk copy format and it all should work fine."

Logitech driver glitch with OS X single user mode A reader found that, when using Logitech's latest OS X drivers for his cordless MouseMan, he could not use OS X's single-user mode. When it got to the local prompt, the line 'mouse activity: 65' kept repeating. Uninstalling the drivers solved the problem.

Adaptec 2906 and Orb drives: a fix coming Dennis Birch asked Adaptec if they had a solution that would allow their 2906 SCSI cards to work with Castlewood Orb drives in OS X. They replied: "We are expecting to release changes to our drivers and a process to resolve this issue in approximately August."

Palm4Fix fix Robert Accettura suggests: "For those who are using Palm4Fix: If you suddenly receive an error that says 'It appears Palm Desktop 4 is not installed properly on this system, or you are trying to run this in Classic,' check to see that the Palm Conduit Library file is in the Extensions folder and not anywhere else on your drive."

Microsoft mouse replacement A Microsoft page states: "Microsoft has received reports that a small percentage of IntelliMouse Explorer, IntelliMouse Optical and Wheel Mouse Optical mouse products have stopped working or have begun to work intermittently after a period of normal use." The page goes on to explain that you may be able to get these mice replaced.

FireFly drives: a follow-up Following up on yesterday's coverage of booting (or failing to boot) from a FireFly external drive:

Referring to the FireFly drive not booting because it spins down at startup, Samuel Litt found that, should this occur, selecting the drive as the startup disk in System Preferences (or the control panel in OS 9) may work - even when other methods (such as holding down Comand-Option-Shift-D at startup) do not. However, we suspect that some users with this symptom have already tried this approach without success. Samuel also noted that the occurrence of the problem varied depending on the type of Mac to which the drive was connected (e.g., he had the problem with a PowerBook but not a desktop G4).

Jeff Moss notes that the Apple promotion for a free drive is no longer in effect: "The offer was supposed to be available through June 30th. However, the offer was subject to availability. The Apple Store confirms that they ran out and therefore the free FireFly offer is now dead."

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