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Odds & Ends

Macworld Expo party and event list is here For the past several Macworld Expos, Ilene Hoffman has maintained a party and event list for Macworld Expo. The list for the upcoming January Expo is now online.

Quicken 7 update coming? Jim Hoover claims that an update to Quicken 7 (that's right, Quicken 7, not Quicken 98) will be released before Christmas. He has no details about what it will fix but suspects that it will remedy problems with converting files when updating to Quicken 98.

Ethernet Gateway problem A new Apple TIL file notes that "The IP Gateway may hang with some third-party ethernet drivers." Causes and solutions are described.

HP 600 printer driver incompatible with Port Juggler? Dave Woosley writes that the new version 9.4 driver for the HP DeskWriter 600 series appears to be incompatible with version 4.7 of the Port Juggler driver. "The symptoms are a Type 1 crash when the HP driver is selected from the Chooser. Conflict Catcher confirmed this."

Update: Several readers wrote that this problem also occurs with the new 9.4 printer driver for the 800 series (and it may also affect other software besides Port Juggler). Reverting to 9.3 fixes the problem.